Wednesday, May 31, 2006

DANG! It's The Art of Martin Cendreda

The Art of Martin Cendreda
Friday June 2nd, 2006

Secret Headquarters is pleased to announce our art
opening with Martin Cendreda.

The Los Angeles-based illustrator has worked on
Comedy Central's South Park TV show and movie,
but Cendreda is most proud of his Zurik Robot and
Dang! mini-comics. With his Dang! comic, Cendreda,
illustrates the tragic life of Herbert Hound
and his encounters with obnoxious teens, fashion
conscious yuppies, and homeless orphans.
Beginning with cute-yet-melancholy one-panel gags,
Cendreda's work has evolved into longer forms of
storytelling that maintain his clear spontaneous
style and dark humor.

Cendreda's comics and illustrations have appeared in
1-UP, Giant Robot, Peko-Peko, Dazed and Confused,
XLR8R, and Arthur.

Martin Cendreda will attend the opening from 8pm to 10pm.

Secret Headquarters will feature Cendreda's one of a
kind original works of art through June 25th, 2006.

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