Monday, September 15, 2008

ANDRICE ARP Friday September 19th

Secret HeadquartersPresents:

Works by

Opening reception:
This Friday
September 19th
8pm - 10pm

If you happened to get your hands on one of the post cards announcing this show you would have read that the art work on display will consist of paintings, comics and wall sculptures. Paintings - no problem. Comics - we've seen those but Wall Sculptures?!
I'd suggest coming in a day or two early to watch Dave hang this show as I'm sure there will be some serious ladder time...

Andrice Arp is a writer and an illustrator whose work can be seen in her on going mini-comic Hi-Horse, collected as Hi-Horse Omnibus by Alternative Comics.
Arp also contributes to the Fantagraphics anthology: Mome.

Andrice Arp likes to bake cakes, English muffins and sticky buns and brunch foods in general.
Let's have a drink or two as we discuss and exchange baked goods recipes.
You know I like a good coffee cake.

Secret Headquarters will have Andrice Arp's art work on display from
September 19th - October 13th, 2008.

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