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at Secret Headquarters

Friday October 27th, 2006

Secret Headquarters is pleased to announce our art opening with JORDAN CRANE.

Winner of numerous awards in the design and comic industries, Jordan Crane first emerged in the comic world in 1996 with the anthology NON. Crane edited, contributed to, and published Non, which has become known as that era’s showcase for the most explosive young experimental cartoonists. The short lived series has been compared to Spiegelman and Mouly’s Raw.

Crane’s first self published comic novella, The Last Lonely Saturday (now published by Fantagraphics), is noted for well observed narratives that focus on the vulnerability and mystery of the human experience. Crane’s work simultaniously has the feel of humble handcrafted objects made in the garage of a lonely teenager, and the sophisticated work of an artist at the height of his form.

Crane’s most recent book, The Clouds Above has been called a cross between Where the Wild Things Are and The Wizard of Oz. Clouds has earned an Ignatz award nomination for Outstanding Graphic Novel and Outstanding Artist.

Jordan also designed Fantagraphics’s, Mome, a quarterly anthology of comics by up-and-coming cartoonists

Crane is currently working on a quarterly comic book called Uptight where he will present new short stories and serialize Keeping Two, his sprawling, epic meditation on family, death, and the imagination.

Jordan Crane will attend the opening from 8pm to 10pm.

Secret Headquarters will feature Crane’s one of a kind original works of art through November 26th, 2006.

Located in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles, California Secret Headquarters offers a sophisticated take on the traditional comic book store. Specializing in comic book culture, Secret Headquarters features the best in graphic novels, trade paperbacks and monthly titles.

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