Saturday, December 06, 2008

Phil Noto at SHQ

Secret Headquarters Present:

New Works by
Friday, December 12th

We discovered Phil Noto back in 1934, about the time we were inventing
comic books. It was in the legal system where Noto, a court artist,
feverishly developed his dramatic drawing style. Reporting for the
court was an honor not lost on Noto but after years of service he craved
more. He relished the thought of documenting an amazing voyage on
the open seas. So, with much debate, Noto packed his bag (not unlike a hobo)
and set off for adventure!

We rediscovered Phil back in 1982. Not long after he washed ashore with little
more then what he took off with (not unlike a hobo). He was found with blistered,
bloody and pastel caked hands. He had been blissfully creating masterful works
of art, on the sidewalk. We thought Noto's talent might be better admired framed
and hung on some solid walls.

Join Phil Noto for a drink starting at 8pm and be sure to ask about the tattoos
he got when he was traveling as a hobo.

Secret Headquarters will have
Phil Noto's art work on display from
December 12th, 2008 to January 11th, 2009


Miranda said...

I heart Phil Noto pictures

Neil said...

Please post some pictures of the show. Thanks.