Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Monster Show by Robert Goodin Feb 6th 2009

Secret Headquarters Presents:

New works by

THIS FRIDAY the 6th at 8pm

I was going to talk about the art of starting a camp fire because of the image above but then I realized that I have never set one. So, instead, I thought a break down of Robert Goodin's Top 5 List of Boy Scout Merit Badges might be a suitable replacement.

#5: Coin Collecting - is there anything more soothing then the act of polishing a can full of coins? I don't think so.

#4: Archery - You were never allowed a bow because mom knew that you were going to fire multiple arrows at your younger brother. Boy Scouts clearly know that you have only the best of intentions.

#3: Metalwork - How else are you going to build that battering ram on the front of your first car..?

#2: Wilderness Survival - I assume that this course includes a Rambo knife...

#1: Railroading - Now that you have the necessary skills to be on your own it's time to hit the rails and live the live of freedom..! Freedom!

Join Artist and Boy Scout Robert Goodin for lively conversation and drinks. Goodin will offer free evaluations of your coin collections. Also, Goodin will have his newest comic book: The Man Who Loved Breasts and other illustrated projects on hand and available for purchase.

Secret Headquarters will feature Robert Goodin's one-of-a kind original works of art through February 27th.

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